About us

Saba is a highly original place filled with a poetic mix of magical designs from both nature and man. One of the island’s most creative men is native Saban Mark Johnson— artist, art history aficionado, and collector– drawn back by the island’s unique charms.

Inspired by the natural beauty of the island and Jewel Cottage, his fairytale 150 years old Saban home, Mark has rekindled his first love…the creation of beautiful, unique jewelry. Mark sources the best gems from the exotic, far flung places; let’s his imagination run wild; then each piece is hand crafted on site.

Each one of a kind, hand crafted treasure tells a story that speaks to the heart.

The Jewel Cottage
Windwardside Saba
Dutch Caribbean
(+599) 416 6150

Our brand

Within Jewel Cottage, Mark also curates unusual pieces from object d’art and treasures collected from his extensive global travels. The result is a very personal and romantic shop infused with Old World Caribbean charm thoughtfully blended with an exotic atmosphere.